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11/15/2021: A Perfect End

A Perfect End

“A Perfect End”

Headed out Monday to a favorite haunt to put in some miles and shoot some creek, waterfalls, and forest shots, as it was supposed to be rainy. I also wanted to get in an epic hike, so Wallace Falls State Park was the place to go. So Foxy dog and I headed the park and packed up, met up with my buddy Randy, and got on the trail. Even though the weather report said rain, the weather was a perfect overcast, perfect lighting for forest shots with no rain. And oh boy, did I nail some amazing shots on the way up. After the forest and waterfall shooting was over, we kept on climbing to a ridgeline to continue the loop. We found a place with a view and settled in to see if we could catch a sunset. The weather report still said rain, but it looked like there was a chance. Then the sun snuck through and I captured an excellent sun star. I thought that might be it, and I was happy with what I got. Then the sun started to duck under the clouds and I captured a series of amazing images as the light-rays streaked across the Skokomish River Valley. It was a spectacular event! I have never really seen anything like it! Decided to stay out for a little campfire. As day went into night, the light was still amazing so I had to get the camera back out and shoot a night photo that showed the towns along the Skokomish River of Gold Bar, Start Up, Sultan, Monroe, all the way out to Everett. And way in the distance I even got Bellevue. What a Perfect End to an already spectacular day! I hope you enjoy the four images in succession of those light rays as the reached across the Valley. I will never forget it! Thank you so much for looking.

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