Student Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from my students. I value each and every student who participates in one of my Lessons and Adventures. I want you to walk away with increased camera skills, better compositions, and a bigger enthusiasm for your photography. But it is equally important that we have a great time! Come on out and join one of my Lessons and Adventures and see what they are talking about! I will put you in the right place at the right time over and over again while helping you capture world class photographs right in your camera. These are hands on Lessons, I am helping you every step of the way!


Hello Randall,

I really loved the way that you recorded video through the camera and took time to really explain things. You managed to get a feeling of a personal experience and the videos were very enjoyable and fun to watch in addition to being instructional. I immediately put the lessons to use during my recent vacation.




Randall’s Grand Teton Adventure 2023 was a life changing experience for my daughter and myself. Randall’s expertise, dedication to finding light and his absolute love of the natural world were a joy to behold! I flew from New Hampshire to take this class and have thought of Randall and this workshop every single day since then (that was June and it is now September!). We got up for sunrise and then photographed sunset, we shot in the mist (and sometimes rain), and for every location and every different light condition that Mother Nature brought us, Randall was there to guide us to the correct settings to get that shot “In the Bank!” I thoroughly enjoyed the “in-camera” experience. He has the goods to bring your photography to the next level. Looking forward to another Big Adventure.


Hi Randall, just wanted to say a big Thank You for the amazing trip to Silver Falls State Park photo class.
My pictures turned out amazing and I am very proud to share them with friends and family. My friend Laura was amazed with all she learned and now wants to take more classes and really enjoyed your teaching techniques. The 30 minute photo contest was fun and made us think outside the box trying to create a cool picture utilizing what we learned.

I would like you to add me to the Columbia Hills Wildflower Adventure April 22-24 2025.

Bryce Canyon May 10-23, 2025 which I think I'm on the list.

Banff & Ice Parkway Big Adventure 2024 (I have paid my deposit.)

Again, Thank you!

Jeanne Ballard

Hi Randall,

I wanted to let you know, once again, how much I enjoyed the fall color class. I learned a tremendous amount and am really seeing the improvement in my photos. After class ended, I stayed in the area and shot for another couple of hours and if I didn’t have to be home I would have stayed longer. Thanks again for a great experience and I’m looking forward to the next class.

Best regards,

John Jones

Principal/Designated Broker

Hi Randall,

Thank you for the inspiring and helpful photography class. I learned a lot and am very grateful for that opportunity.

I wanted to let you know I won a photography award and the photo is featured in a Portland gallery this month. With your expertise and classes, I hope to have even more.

Thank you,

Carolyn H.

Hi Randall,

As I was looking at your beautiful images, I wished so much I could come to the gallery to hear stories and look at all your lovely work in person. I need to deliver a van to my youngest nephew in Salt Lake while the event is going on. But I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me personally. I’m grateful for all the great techniques you’ve taught me, and I’m so delighted that I’m a better photographer because of you. I was just sitting here feeling grateful for you and your talents. Some of the best times in my life have been on photo trips with you.
I’m sincerely thankful.

Hope the event is well attended—and great!!


Hey Randall, Thanks again for another great workshop!! Hope the weather cooperated for your next week at that location. As I was unpacking and inspecting my camera gear I noticed that one of the little mini screws on the z pro filter holder was loose. I wouldn't have even checked that if I hadn't heard one of my classmates comment that one of his mini screws had fallen out of his holder. So I wanted to let you know how much I have learned in the field during your workshops about my gear and how to operate it. I remember when I first started taking classes with you that I spun the polarizer in the wrong direction (fortunately I caught it before it came off) and I remember how much difficulty I had with setting up and operating the ND filters. Now, secure in my knowledge and protocols, it seems so much easier than in the beginning. What started out as confusing and frustrating has evolved into something enjoyable. I actually like working with my gear -- rather than dreading the set up. It's the same with my camera. I love the 90 D -- it is perfect for me. My biggest room for improvement now is to be one with my tripod -- I remember your advice of the quarter turn on the legs -- and so far a kept me from repeating my initial overturns. Now if I can just improve my all around set up speed I will have really progressed !

The reason for the detail in this e mail is to thank you for encouraging me, (and also my classmates), to not give up when we encounter gear frustrations --but to keep practicing until we become competent at gear operation. Working with you and my classmates in the field in real world shooting situations, has given me the confidence and experience to master the basics of gear operation so I can move into the world of concentrating on the aesthetics of the image I want to create.

I am hugely grateful for that --and I just wanted to let you know.

All the best, Stephanie

I have taken several photo "Workshops". Most instructors get you to a site and then just stand back and let you shoot. Ask a question, get an answer. For years I've helplessly fumbled through my camera's manual, but without practical help have made only moderate progress. I heard that Randall called his workshops "Lessons" and what a difference! At the first meeting he explains and sets each of your cameras settings to optimize Landscape work. At each site he sets up, explains each setting he is starting with and then fires off a few shots. He then moves to each student in turn and checks their settings and suggests adjustments. We were on site before sunrise and out after sunset every night learning composition and how to apply split neutral density filters to help bring out color in our shots. Thanks to Randall I have firm knowledge of my cameras setting and how to apply them. I no longer think of myself as a guy that takes pretty good pictures but now as a real photographer.

I would highly recommend and do recommend Randall's classes to anyone who is wanting to learn to take spectacular photos. I've taken several classes with Randall and have learned a lot in each of them about composition, light and how to take phenomenal pictures. Recently I traveled to Europe and had people stopping me to ask how I was able to take the photos I was taking where I explained the set up and filters which capture more of the color than what the default camera is set up to take. I was able to take some phenomenal photos in Scotland and Switzerland with what I have learned from Randall's classes. I recently took the epic class on OR coast and was able to take some incredible photos at each of the locations. Randall helped me get a new camera and all set up to get the most out of it. I am continuing to take classes to mostly get the best locations and gain more insights on how to continue to become a better and better photographer. I just started a year ago and everyone is surprised by that because of the quality of my photos. Plus the classes are lots of fun and get to see incredible beauty in addition to learning lots. I appreciate the feedback from Randall in classes and everyone who takes the classes is helpful as well.

Many blessings, Lisa

I just wanted to thank you so much for the great photography class. I feel like I gain so much from your classes. I really appreciated all the individual help you gave Teri and me. That helped me so much, and I felt like I went to a whole new level in this class. It’s really gratifying to take a class and see gains. You are such a great teacher, and I love taking your classes. I’m very grateful for all I’ve learned and how I’ve grown as a photographer.


Well F**K, I just downloaded my images from the last 4 days and they are even better on the big screen. It's hard to believe that I took image that look like that. And no need for lightroom except to add a watermark.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your passion. The Workshop was great and the outcomes better than expected.

Hi Randall, I returned to New York last night and wanted you to know that although it was brief the workshop was terrific and you are a very fine teacher. I enjoyed myself immensely and learned a great deal about "getting it right in the camera" Thank you so much

Had a great time and met new friends. Randall, thank you for sharing your knowledge this weekend, I learned so much. Workshop worth every penny...

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing class. I loved Mt. Shuksan and Picture Lake. I really appreciated all the feedback you gave us and appreciated your circulating among us to look at our shots. That helped me a lot. It really was a great class, and I felt like I gained so much. I felt like I went to a whole new level in this class. Thanks for all your help and instruction.


Randall, thank you for showing me functions on my camera that I never knew even existed! Your enthusiasm kept me rising early for the sunrise and staying to after sunset. I also want to thank the group for an enjoyable and fruitful photo adventure.

Mike Dodak

I didn't get a chance to thank you properly for the class. I was thrilled with what I learned in Death Valley. The new things and everyday repetition of the Oregon Coast lessons has topped off my confidence. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to the class photo and email list.

Thanks again, -Jim

We have taken 4 classes from Randall over the past couple of years. He has coached us through figuring out how to turn the camera on and finding the setting to get a great picture. Now he has help us in a more advanced class in Death Valley focused on more advanced techniques creating pictures that pop! In our first classes he focused on how to really get the most out of the camera and as we progressed, he has helped us move to a more critical focus on framing the image and creating those iconic eye-popping pictures. Randall is always well prepared and has an incredible ability of being able to put us in the right spot at the right time to get "the great shot". He does this in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Shawn and Corinne Seven

Dear Randall, Thank you so much for an amazing time in Death Valley. I learned a tremendous amount. In my opinion, got some great shots. Many not so good, but they really helped me learn. One thing I know for sure is I will NEVER forget to put the Circular Polarizer on again, I hope. Your pointers on how you approach a photo were most enlightening along with many other wonderful learning experiences.

I am most grateful for your patience with my novice status as a hiker. Your patience allowed me to experience everything and your strength in getting me down from Manly Beacon was beyond amazing. Thank you. Thank you.

Looking forward to continuing learning and experiencing. I am having great FUN!

Many Blessings, Nanette

Hi Randall,

I just want to say THANK YOU for your wonderful classes. I have taken your "Silver Fall", "Mount Rainier", "Mount Shuksan", "Fall Color" four classes so far. I have learnt so much from you. I really appreciate your teaching. Your class is fun and practical. You taught me so much of how to using my Canon camera correctly by setting up aperture, white balance, picture style, control exposure comp and much more. I really like that you have taken us to the fields and shown us how to take picture in different settings - water fall, sunrise, sunset, fall color and hands-on to correct our mistakes. I greatly appreciate your way of photography - capture the image as we see it. Not depends on much post Photoshop. I have benefited from the class tremendous and felt my photography skill is in a new level. I love to continue taking your class and learning from you.

Thanks again, Mary

After having attended two of Randall Hodges Photography classes I feel that I am finally on the right path to learning DSLR photography. Randall always suggests a starting point for camera settings and how to tweak the settings for the best results. In addition he drops little "Pearls of Camera Wisdom" all day long that result in better

Images. Added Bonus: The classes are fun! Jon Traylor

When I first met Randall while he was working his booth at a street fair and he told me his photos come from camera adjustments and filters only, I was skeptical. So I signed up for one of his classes to shoot fall color and I was amazed! Right from the start, Randall's instruction had my photos looking unbelievably amazing! I had a hard time believing that the photos on my camera were really taken by me! The experience level of the students in the class varied from brand new on up and he had everyone taking stunning photos in no time. The class was well worth it and I plan on taking more classes in the future. Highly recommended!

I have known Randall for three years. In that time I’ve taken six of the workshops he offers. These workshops have taken me from a beginning photographer to a very proficient amateur. He teaches how to shoot landscape photography with filters like the pros. You also learn how to shoot macro and night photography. Randall’s technical and workflow are designed to minimize computer time and maximize shooting time. He has an easy going style and gives everyone the personal attention needed to understand the concepts of photography.

Randall’s workshops will take you to some of the most beautiful places in the northwest. This September I went on a two day backpack trip with Randall into the North Cascades. I was able to work side by side with him on a professional landscape shoot. This was a once in a lifetime experience. If you are ready to take your photography to the next level, I recommend this "one on one" trip. Two years ago I traveled to Bryce Canyon for the three day adventure with Randall and have booked next year’s “Big Adventure” to Escalante in the Southwest. Every trip has been a great learning experience and the friendships I have made will last a lifetime. I highly recommend taking any of the workshops Randall offers.

Thanks Randall, for sharing your knowledge and your endearing patience with me. Your friend and student, Ron Smart

I have enjoyed photography for many years. Reading photography books and periodicals is very helpful but having hands on help from a professional photographer created a whole new world for me. Randall teaches photography by teaching students how to use their camera as it was meant to be used. He teaches composition, lighting, and all things required to take a good picture and how to set up your digital camera to get the best picture using bracketing, saturation, lenses, filters and a host of other things that one should know. You can take Photoshop quality pictures without ever using any computer programs.

I have taken several photo workshops with Randall and have found him to a very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful instructor. I enjoy being around Randall have learned much from him. He has made every trip and workshop a real experience and has given quality time to each and every student. I have been to Bryce Canyon and Calf Creek falls three times and Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula once and I have signed up for a workshops for next year. I always learn something new on each outing and besides it is more enjoyable being outside hiking and taking pictures than sitting is a stuffy classroom learning computer programs.

I hope you can come along with Randall, you will never be disappointed! Greg Martonick, M.D.

Hi Randall-

I have taken nearly every workshop that Randall has offered. I learn new things every time and the areas he has his workshops in are incredibly beautiful. At the beginning of each class Randall "circles us up" in order to give basic instructions regarding camera settings, composition, etc. Then it is time to hit the trail with our newly learned knowledge. Randall is great at offering one on one instruction throughout the day, checking our photos and making suggestions for improvement. Randall's workshops are the highlight of my year and I look forward to new and interesting locations in the years ahead.

Hi Randall,

I would like to thank you for your instruction and insight this weekend at the Second Beach, LaPush, WA seminar. I had a great time! In just the instruction portion of the class I learned SO much! I felt by the time that we got to the beach, I was ready to really start capturing great images! And I was right. Learning to use the in-camera features and setup really kept me away from the feeling that I would have to spend longs hours behind the computer screen trying recapture what I felt and saw at the beach. I left feeling as if I was beginning to master my camera and understand the principles of light and composition! I look forward to learning and working with you at future seminars. Again, thank you!

I have completed five workshops with Randall. His methods and style have completely changed the way I shoot landscapes. Camera settings and functions are now becoming automatic and I have a workflow plan that gets me from camera to print much faster. He covers all aspect of photography. I recently took Randall’s ‘Second Beach’ workshop. It was one of my best photographic trips ever. The beach and sunset were spectacular! It was very exciting knowing I had the tools and knowledge to properly shoot that scene. I highly recommend doing any or all of his workshops. Thank you, Randall, for your wisdom, patience, and for introducing me to some of your favorite places. Ron Smart

Thanks for the great learning experience last Saturday at Second Beach. I had some basic photography experience many years ago, but most of my picture taking experience since the advent of digital cameras has been basic point and shoot. You really opened my eyes to capabilities beyond the automatic settings of the camera. Even though my camera wasn’t the full blown SLR like most of the folks, I really appreciated your ability to help me get the most out of the camera. I also appreciated your easy teaching style. You communicated the lessons, plus all the hints and tips, in a way that was instructional, but was also fun and casual. I know it is not an easy thing to do given all the different skill levels and personalities. I look forward to taking some of your other classes. Thanks, Chris Boyd

The Second Beach Sunset Photography Class this last weekend was a fantastic experience, one not to be missed! Once we got our formalities of the class and gear organized, while Randall demonstrated techniques and tips, off we went with determination to learn "world Class" sunset capturing photography on one of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches you'll ever see. Randall has an easy going style, amazing energy and enthusiasm to help his students really learn and gain individual instruction on their own gear. I love his concepts in shooting style and his willingness to share his incredible skill and knowledge with others that love photography. Thanks Randall for a great time, wonderful, magical tips and amazing sunset shots I did capture!! Unforgettable! ….Kim;)

I really found it inspiring and helpful. I think I've noticed that now that I've used that CPL, I'm seeing colors more vividly. Its really cool! I think one of the most helpful tips was to keep the camera perfectly still when using tripods on unstable surfaces; don't touch it or move at all. I'm anxious to keep trying out new shots.
Thank you so much for what you taught us all.
God bless. Josh

Sunset at Second Beach was one of Randall's best seminars to date. The Olympic Peninsula is stunning and having the opportunity to photograph it with an instructor as talented and patient as Randall was an exceptional experience. Earlier this summer his Silver Falls State Park seminar took us to Salem for a weekend of hiking and waterfalls - a not to be missed adventure which resulted in some of the best training and waterfall photos ever. Not only does this instructor have an amazing eye and working knowledge of cameras, but he is also able to communicate effectively at whatever level his students shoot at. Can't wait for the Mt. Shuksan class in Washington this fall! Warm regards, Diane Beard

Hi Randall,
I would like to thank you for your instruction and insight this weekend at the Second Beach, LaPush, WA seminar. I had a great time! In just the instruction portion of the class I learned SO much! I felt by the time that we got to the beach, I was ready to really start capturing great images! And I was right. Learning to use the in-camera features and setup really kept me away from the feeling that I would have to spend longs hours behind the computer screen trying recapture what I felt and saw at the beach. I left feeling as if I was beginning to master my camera and understand the principles of light and composition! I look forward to learning and working with you at future seminars. Again, thank you! Daniel Rogers

I took part in the Columbia River Gorge seminar and not only had fun, but also learned a great deal about what my camera is capable of. Spending time with fellow photography enthusiasts added to the experience. Randall is not only knowledgeable, but patient and does a great job of explaining the subject matter. I found the seminar to be very worthwhile. Gordon Hjelm