Digital Art for Samsung Art Frame TV

Randall J Hodges Photography Limited Edition Digital Images for the Samsung Art Frame Television

Scroll down to learn more about displaying my images digitally on the amazing televisions.

Randall J Hodges Photography Limited Edition Digital Images are specifically formatted to the television, and all are digitally signed and numbered by the photographer. Each Digital Image is Limited Edition and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Digital Images are sold individually or in packages of 13 or 25. A Digital Image Package of 13 with the television set to a two-hour turn means you would see a different image at the same time each day. For example, if you sit down for coffee at 8 am you would see a different image every day for 13 days. If you purchase the 25-image package and the television is set to a 1-hour turn, then you would see a different image at 8am for 25 days, making it feel like you have a different piece of art every single day. The television can be set to rotate the images in any timeframe that you prefer.

The Images are displayed with a Digital Matte around them, and you can adjust the matte color. The Art Frame Television comes with a thin metal frame, but other magnetic frames can be purchased to highlight the decor in your home. The finished look of the Art Frame Television showing my digital images is comparable to a LumaChrome HD Acrylic, making the television look like a high-end piece of art that will add beauty and elegance to your home. Once you purchase your Digital Image Package, please go through the website online galleries and select your image choices, note the image numbers, and email your selections to me on my Contact Page.

Digital Images Prices:

  • Single Image $250
  • 13 Image Package $1695
  • 25 Image Package $2695

To purchase your Samsung Art Frame Television, we have partnered with the Oregon based company A&E Security & Electronic Solutions. The Samsung Art Frame Television is a fully functional 4K television with amazing capability and when you are not watching TV, the television will become a beautiful piece of art.

To purchase a Samsung Art Frame Television, go to this website to see all the size choices and frame styles.

Once you have purchased your Limited-Edition Digital Art Package from Randall J Hodges Photography Online Galleries and your Samsung Art Frame Television, the Limited-Edition Images will be loaded into the television and shipped to you directly from A&E Security & Electronic Solutions. Hanging this Art Framed Television is a breeze as it has a wire hanger on the back, just like a piece of art. Having a Samsung Art Framed Television with Limited-Edition Digital Images from Randall J Hodges Photography will add a truly spectacular touch to your home.