Banff And Ice Parkway Big Adventure June 9-15, 2024

Banff and the Ice Parkway Big Adventure Coming June 9-15, 2024. Sold Out! Wait List...

The Big Adventure in Banff and the Ice Parkway was so popular with the students, I have decided to bring it back one more time! Please email me through the contact page to be put on the early notification list, as this may sell out before it is released. I will release it in May 2023

We will hit the amazing locations in and around Lake Louise including Moraine Lake for Sunrise and Lake Louise for a Sunrise and Sunset. We will hit these locations more than once to make sure we get the iconic shots!

We do at least one sunset at Emerald Lake, an amazing location with a trail all the way around it. To do this class you should feel comfortable hiking 3-4 miles in a day, but not all at once. The hiking is as good as it gets.

And of we have to make a run up the Ice Parkway. We hit the overlook of Peyto Lake, with its amazing over lake view. And we have to hit morning reflections in Bow Lake, and so much more. This is one of the most scenic drives in the world!

And we spend a couple of days hitting all the stops in and around Banff including Cascade Ponds, Two Jack Lake, Vermillion Lakes and so much more! If you have always wanted to photograph the amazing Canadian Rockies, then the Big Adventure in Banff and the Ice Parkway is the adventure for you!

I hope you will consider Joining us for the Banff and the Ice Parkway Big Adventure June 9-15, 2024. The cost of this amazing adventure is $1200 for all 7 days! I will release this in May 2023 with a deposit of $600. Please email me through my contact page to be on the early notification list for this one. It will sell out!