Columbia Hills Wildflower Adventure April 21-24, 2025

Columbia Hills Wildflowers Adventure April 21-24, 2025, 1 Spot Left!

In this 4-day adventure, we will hit sunrises and sunset from multiple locations. We will do both a sunrise and sunset from Columbia Hills Historic State Park on the Washington Side of the Columbia River. We will also do a sunrise and sunset from Rowena Crest on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. The wildflowers in both of these areas are absolutely fantastic, and they line up with multiple views including Mt Hood, and the Columbia River. Here are just a few of the views you will see in this amazing class. And of course, we will spend some time photographing the 'Rusty Ride." So many amazing views!

The wildflowers are just incredible, and when the color is in the sky, we will be running around try to capture all the compositions we can! Either in the morning or in the afternoon we meet up for a spectacular hike in the wildflowers on other trails in the Gorge. During a Sunrise or Sunset, we may hike up to a mile out to our location. For the extra hike, we may add another 3 miles to that. You can take this class and only participate in the sunrises and sunsets if you are not a big hiker.

During this class we will work on our Macro Photography Skills.

In the event we have overcast weather, we may visit a few of the lesser-known waterfalls on the Washington side of the Columbia River including Panther Creek Falls, Spirit Falls, and possibly Falls Creek Falls. This is not guaranteed, as if we have sunny weather the entire trip, we will focus on being in the wildflowers.

To fully enjoy the Columbia Hills Wildflower Adventure, you should be comfortable putting in up to six miles in a day broken up with breaks. For lodging there and many options in the Dallas Oregon, and that would be the perfect base camp. Columbia Hills State Park has very good camping for this trip.

The Cost of this class is $650 with a $325 Deposit. I will release this class in March of 2024 and the class will run April 21-24, 2025. If you would like to be notified before I release the class, please send me an email through the contact page, as this class will probably sell out.

I hope you will join us for the Columbia Hills Wildflower Adventure