Big Adventure in Death Valley, CA Feb 26- March 2, 2024

Highlights of the Death Valley Big Adventure on Feb 26-March 2, 2024. 6 Spots Left!

Here is a little information about this Big Adventure in Death Valley for 2024. If you are not familiar with Death Valley National Park, it is an unbelievable photographic location. Not only that, in late February, we can expect temps in the 70’s and enjoy shorts and t-shirt weather. This is always a great break for me from my Northwest winter. This is a 6-day class, and believe it or not, you will feel like it was not enough time. There is more to do in this park than I can list, but here are some of the highlights below.

This class will blow you away! You will never forget it! Here's a sample of what we might do, Mother Nature dependent. Every year is a little different!

  • Day 1 - Dunes at Sunset. This is my secret spot in the dunes, and we will visit it twice on your trip. One night if conditions are right, we will stay out for a moonlit hike and night photography.
  • Day 2 - Sunrise in the Devils Corn Field

Then we hit Morning Light in the Borax Mining Works and onto a very fun stop in Rhyolite Ghost Town Where we get to practice with the town ruins and a lot of Black and White Photography

Then I cut you lose for your standard mid-day Break and we Meet Back in the Mesquite Dunes for sunset, and if the light is right, we will stay out for moonlight hike and image making in the dunes, Images Below!

  • Day 3 - We do visit the lowest place in the hemisphere at 282 feet below sea level, Badwater and the Devils Golf Course, then after your mid-day break meet again at 3pm and do Artist Drive and Artist Palette. Then off to Zabriskie Point and the amazing Badlands for Sunset.
  • Day 4 - We meet back at Zabriskie Point for Sunrise
    You will love these amazing Alluvial Fans! Lots of Photograph Opportunities from this amazing location. We will have our fill of Shapes and Designs in both Black and White and Color images

Then it’s time to get packed up to move out of Death Valley as we take our spectacular side trip to Lonepine California and visit the unusual Alabama Hills with the impressive 14,000 peaks of the High Sierras in the background, were we do Sunset and stay out for Star photos and Light Painting with the Mobius Natural Arch. A real favorite of all of the students!!

  • Day 5 - We love that Sunrise and Morning Light also in the Alabama Hills! Images Below

After we move back into Death Valley and you have your mid-day break, we meet at 2pm to do my favorite hike in the park. The spectacular Golden Canyon! We will do Evening light and Sunset then Stay out again for Star Photos and Light Painting

It is always a blast when we do our star photo nights, this gives us a whole new set of techniques to learn, and the students love their new skills!

  • Day 6 - I let you sleep in, and we meet for morning light at the best wildflower patch we have found in the Park We do a macro lesson and also line those beautiful flowers up with the incredible mountains of Death Valley: Last year was an amazing year for the flowers, and we had some great light for them. I will cut you lose a little early for a break on Day 6 so you can prepare yourself for the big Finish to your Super Big Adventure.
  • Final Location: Mud Tiles, I will take you to a secret location to photograph the cracked earth Mud Tiles

This is always an amazing event for the class and by now we have all become family and there will be handshakes and hugs all around as we take our group photo and exchange contact info. By now you will have a camera full of images and your mind and Spirit full of unforgettable memories and experiences. This is the Super Big Adventure!

Camping and Lodging!

There are multiple Campgrounds in the Park, with 1 being reservable in Advance. I will be camping for this entire adventure, but there is Lodging in the Park

Inn at Death Valley…The most expensive but amazing

The Ranch at Death Valley. My favorite! An Oasis and more reasonable and had a store and gas, a swimming pool and tennis courts and grass! This is what my students say is the best, and it puts you right in the middle of everything! Once you have signed up you get a detailed class email to help prepare you for your big adventure!

Stove Pipe Wells More reasonable but not as centrally located, this spot does work well enough however and will save you a bot on money.

Hiking: Golden Canyon Hike is about 4 miles round trip and will be our biggest hike and has about 500 feet of elevation gain, I considerate a moderate hike. Mesquite Sand Dunes will be about 3-mile round trip, the other hikes and walks will be shorter. We will never do more than 5 miles in one day, and never at one time, but you must be prepared for a hiking.

Cost: If you are interested in this lesson, the cost per student will be $1100 for the entire 6 days. I will ask for a deposit of $550 in advance, then the other $550 in early January. We have a max of 11 students for this adventure.

And of course, with all of my lesson and seminars, you get hands on instruction every step of the way, at every location. My goal is for you to learn all the professional technical skills you need, and to make sure you walk away with amazing images. If photographing Death Valley National Park and enjoying great weather in February is on your Bucket List, then this is the trip for you. To sign up please use the drop down below or call my Edmonds Gallery at 425-582-0803.

I look forward to working with you in the Death Valley National Park, Big Adventure!