Edmonds Beach, WA - April 27, May 18, or Aug 31, 2024

Highlights of the Edmonds Beach Class; April 27 Sold Out!, May 18, Aug 31, 2024

In the Edmond Beach class, we begin with our outdoor classroom. during this time, we setup the cameras correctly including Aperture Priority, ISO, White Balance, Advanced Color Settings and More. Then we go through all the professional shooting techniques including Depth of Field, Exposure Compensation, Circular Polarizer, Split Neutral Density Filters and More.

We do this one step at a time, slowly, so every student understands each step. This is a great beginner's class, and you need to not know anything or study anything to take this class. Here are some of the image highlights.

  • Sunset Edmonds Beach
  • Sunset Edmonds Beach with Ferry at Dock
  • Sunset Edmonds Fish and Ferry
  • Big Finish after sunset with the Ferry Dock
  • Cost of this excellent class is $150 per student

You will love the Edmonds Beach Class!