Wildflowers and Mt Rainier, WA August 6 - 7 or 13-14

Highlights of the Wildflowers and Mt Rainier on Aug 6 - 7 (2 Spots Left) or Aug 13 - 14 (6 Spots Left)

I wanted to take a moment and Highlight the Wildflowers and Mt Rainier Adventure 2022.

If you have ever wanted to photograph the amazing wildflowers of Paradise Meadow, this will be the class for you. August is primetime for wildflowers, and we generally will be there at the peak of the bloom!

Day 1 starts a Reflection Lake for Sunrise on Saturday morning them moves up the paradise meadows for morning light. You get a nice 4-hour break through mid-day. Then we meet for sunset and photograph the Tatoosh range.

Some Highlights:

  • Mt Rainier Reflected in Reflection Lakes. This spot is always a winner and sometimes fog and clouds come in and out offer great drama to the image. We will have a great time at sunrise here.
  • Next we move the cars to the Paradise Parking Lot, go over out outdoor classroom to make sure everyone’s camera is set up correctly, and everyone is on board with our professional techniques, then we make our way to our next stop Edith Creek and Mt Rainier
  • We will spend some time perfecting this shot, and Myrtle Falls. We will practice our in camera black and whites, and make sure everyone has nailed this shot and put it in the Bank!
  • Then we meet For Sunset on Saturday Night Back at the Paradise Lodge, and we will do a small hike out for some wildflowers at sunset

Day 2 Sunday we try our luck at sunrise in the wildflowers then hit more meadows in Morning light. This class has it all as we do morning reflections, Mt Rainier and Wildflowers, Edith Creek and Mt Rainier, Waterfalls, wildlife and a Macro Photography lesson.

  • Day two starts with Sunrise in the Wildflower
  • Then we continue through morning light in the wildflowers, have our macro lesson, and do some camera review and your lesson ends on Sunday morning by 11am with happy students and all those great images in the bank!

Lodging: There are many lodging choices in and around Mt Rainier including the Paradise Lodge and the Longmire Inn National Park Inn. There is camping in the park, and you will receive a detailed class email listing all your lodging options and everything you need to know to plan for your amazing lesson at Mt Rainier.

Hiking: You need to be able to hike 2-3 miles per day in this class. If you can hike this distance on a trail, then you are good to go!

The Cost of this class is $400 per student with a $200 Deposit. This is a class that will sell out and we have a max of only 11 students, so if you want in contact me as soon as you decide you want to go. And of course, with all of my lesson and seminars, you get hand on instruction every step of the way, at every location. My goal is for you to learn all the professional technical skills you need, and to make sure you walk away with amazing images. If photographing Mt Rainier in Wildflower Season has been on your list, then this is the trip for you. To Sign up please use the drop down below or call the Edmonds Gallery at 425-582-0803

I look forward to working with you in Mt Rainier National Park!