Silver Falls State Park OR - May 25-27, 2026

This class will be back in the month of May 25-27, 2026, please email me through the contact link to be on the notification list, there is a chance this class will run in May 26-29, 2025, if I am unable to do the Palouse Falls Palouse Hills Class, they will switch. I wanted to highlight this fantastic Lesson Adventure at the best waterfall park in the country. In this 3-day class we will be visiting all 10 major waterfalls on the one and only Trail of ten Falls, four of which we will be able to walk behind. So much fun to hike and photograph. (Must be able to hike 4-5 miles a day)

Day one: We meet in the Parking lot at South Falls and do our outdoor classroom and get our cameras set up and I show you the techniques we will be using to capture the unforgettable waterfall scenes. Then we hike to South Falls and put them into action while shooting different compositions! Then we hike another mile down to Lower South Falls and Shoot it from multiple locations including behind the falls! What a great time!

Day Two: we meet at North Falls Trailhead and hike under the incredible alcove behind North Falls and shoot it from multiple locations. Then on to Upper north Falls. If flowers are out, we will hike on to a lunch spot and do a macro lesson. Then I cut you lose for a break. We meet again in the Afternoon at Winter Falls Trailhead and shoot Winter Falls and forest shots, then we hike out to Middle North Falls.

Day three we meet in the morning to finish off anything we have not shot yet to complete the Trail of Ten falls! What an amazing adventure in the beautiful spring greens and unforgettable flowing waterfalls! Great camping and cabins right in the park, and lots of Lodging choices nearby in Salem and the beautiful town of Silverton. The cost of this Adventure is only $600 with a $300 Deposit. It will be coming back. Please email me through my contact page to be on the early notification list

I hope you will join us for the waterfall adventure of a lifetime!